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These classes are in the privacy of your home or office and pre-suppose that you 

will provide a computer for your use with the appropriate software for the class.

  A workbook for each class will be provided at no additional cost.


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Microsoft Word - Introduction Microsoft Excel- Introduction

Every office needs to prepare documents and correspondence and Word is the leading software in most offices. This class covers functions and shortcuts not usually mentioned in manuals, and in addition, students will discover little known but important uses for Word.  Every day functions like margins, tabs and paragraph formatting will become second nature when you learn to use tables, dot leaders, special font editing and page layout features.

This hands-on class will put you on the fast  track for working with the world’s leading  spreadsheet application. Designed for the person who needs to “crunch” numbers, this class covers the essentials of Excel including formatting styles, formulas and functions, objects and charts and data management. Start class with your laptop and end with a fully working personal budget which will include income, expenses, variables, and charts to track your monthly expenses. 

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00

 Fee: 6 hours - $65.00

Microsoft Word - Advanced Microsoft Excel - Advanced

The advanced section introduces users to concepts known to "Power Users".  Features covered include creating tables, making calendars and flyers using your own images, search and replace function, using section breaks for different footers and headers, creating Table of Contents and Index pages, combining parts of documents, page numbering using different formats, creating custom bullets for bulleted lists and custom paragraph formatting.  The session also covers creating columns for newsletter type documents, integrating Word documents into other applications including PowerPoint, Excel and even into internet pages,

This session explores the more advanced features of Excel such as linking multiple spreadsheets to produce a master report, creating graphs and charts using the optimum format (line or pie charts), making projections of future expenses or income using present data and setting up inventory control tables.  The session also includes using advanced Excel functions which include the Time and Date for calculating future payments, the Interest function for calculating cost of loans over time, the popular Pivot Chart function and Statistical functions for advanced calculations.  You will also integrate Excel into other Office applications.

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00

Microsoft PowerPoint - Introduction Microsoft Access - Introduction

Ever think of making commercials? This class shows you how to harness the power of PowerPoint to make eye-catching presentations that rival some television ads.  Insure your audience will get the message and at the same time be riveted to the screens you  create using animated images, splashy colors  and vibrant sound effects. Learn to use built-in wizards and templates that will  insure you make a first class professional presentation. You will learn how to prepare a slide show to run on any computer, even one that does not have PowerPoint.

  Fee:  6 hours - $65.00

Access is one of the most popular database programs used to manage information about customers, employees, inventory and purchases.  It is an essential tool for any business.  The class includes basic concepts for structuring a database, creating forms for input and output, preparing reports, and setting up queries. You will learn to use the search function to organize lists to display specific areas, targeted zip codes or demographic groups and how to prepare address labels for mass mailings.

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00


Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced Microsoft Access - Advanced

PowerPoint has many built in features that make it the leading presentation graphics program but many of these are not readily visible.  The session covers how to use graphics and media from outside sources, how to create images within PowerPoint and how to enable presenters to use other programs to enhance the presentation.  You will discover how to integrate charts and data from Excel and Word, how to use your voice to narrate the slides and how to combine video and text to create a professional show that leaves the audience talking about it long after its over.


This continuation study covers creating advanced search parameters that can be used as needed.  It also covers how to combine multiple tables that have a common key field to allow for three dimensional searches across several levels of tables. You will discover how to create modules that will program the application for one-click responses by creating menus, drop lists and action buttons to automate most functions that normally require several steps.  If you have databases in Excel you will learn to integrate them into Access for easier manipulation and use. 

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00

Fee: 6 hours - $65.00



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