Seminars offered through Pasadena City College Extension

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word - Intermediate Class

Every office needs to prepare documents and correspondence and Word is the leading software in most offices. This class covers functions and shortcuts not usually mentioned in manuals, and in addition, students will discover little known but important uses for Word.  Every day functions like margins, tabs and paragraph formatting will become second nature when you learn to use tables, dot leaders, special font editing and page layout features. Two sessions:

Jan 11 2016  -  Jan 13, 2016


Advance your WORD skills with this new seminar that explores some of the more sophisticated features. Need to prepare a mass mailing at work?  The Mail Merge function can help you mail from 10 letters to 10 thousand! If you need a Table of Contents for your thesis, or need to create hyperlinks to the Web or other documents you'll see how easy it is. Discover how to make bookmarks, create watermarks, tables and how to import files from Excel and other formats and more. Prerequisite: Completion of basic Word class at PCC or some prior knowledge of Word.

Feb 22 2016 - Feb 24 2016

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Exel Intermediate Class

This hands-on class will put you on the fast  track for working with the world's leading spreadsheet application. Designed for the person who needs to crunch numbers, this class covers the essentials of Excel including formatting styles, formulas and functions, objects and charts and data management. Come to class with your laptop and leave with a fully working personal budget which will include income, expenses, variables, and charts to track your monthly expenses. Two sessions:

Jan 25 2016 - Jan 27 2016


This workshop is designed for people familiar with basic Excel functions who would like to expand their knowledge to a new level. You will explore how to use some advanced financial formulas, how to filter data and how to use the Conditional Format feature to target specific data. Discover the use of Pivot Tables and learn to consolidate data from different spreadsheets into one comprehensive report and more. Prerequisite: Completion of basic Excel class at PCC or some prior knowledge of Excel.

Feb 29 2016 - Mar 2 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate

Ever think of making commercials? This class shows you how to harness the power of PowerPoint to make eye-catching presentations that rival some television ads.  Insure your audience will get the message and at the same time be riveted to the screens you  create using animated images, splashy colors  and vibrant sound effects. Learn to use built-in wizards and templates that will  guarantee you make a first class professional presentation. You will learn how to prepare a slide show to run on any computer, even one that does not have PowerPoint. Two sessions:

Feb 1 2016 - Feb 3 2016 


If your PowerPoint presentations have been looking a little blah lately you need to take this workshop. You will discover how to make your shows sizzle by adding narration and music, inserting sound clips and creating custom animation sequences that combine graphics and text. Make hyperlinks to other slides, other PowerPoint presentations; link to the Web or even other applications like EXCEL. Learn to bring in charts and graphs, discover how to embed videos into your presentation and more. Prerequisite: Completion of basic PowerPoint class at PCC or some prior knowledge of PowerPoint.

Mar 7 2016 - Mar 9 2016

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Class

Photoshop is the world's leading image editing software.  Used widely by photographers, web designers, artists, graphic designers and other creative professionals, Photoshop is a major force in the modern art world.  This seminar will cover the basic functions, including retouching, combining images, removing unwanted areas, re-coloring and special effects.  Regardless of which version you currently use, this seminar is structured to cover Photoshop from CS to CS6 and even CC.   Compatible with all PC's and Apple Versions.  Two sessions:


Feb 8 2016  - Feb 10 2016


This workshop is designed to bring the everyday Photoshop user to a new level of creativity. You will explore the use of Layers and Masks and will create stunning collages by combining several images. Learn how to create a classic pencil sketch from a photograph and how to combine "green screen" photographs with dynamic backgrounds. You will explore the use of Photoshop's filters, texture screens and the popular warp tool often used in national magazines and much more. Prerequisite: Completion of basic Photoshop class at PCC or some prior knowledge of Photoshop.

Mar 21 2016 - Mar 23 2016